5 Funny Blogs To Follow in 2022 | BrieflyFunny

5 Funny Blogs To Follow in 2022 | BrieflyFunny

5 of the funniest blog pages of 2022

Looking for a laugh? Check out these five funny blogs that will have you chuckling all day long. From hilarious observations on everyday life to absurd takes on current events, these bloggers know how to make us smile. So if you're in need of a good chuckle, be sure to add these sites to your reading list!

Barstool Sports - BrieflyFunny

Barstool Sports: If you're a fan of sports and comedy, then you'll love Barstool Sports. This site is filled with hilarious takes on the world of athletics, along with plenty of other funny content to keep you entertained. Trust us, there's never a dull moment on this site!

Jenny Lawson Broken - BrieflyFunny

The Bloggess: Jenny Lawson is the queen of quirky humor, and her blog is a must-read for anyone who needs a good laugh. From stories about her hilarious family to funny observations about life in general, Jenny always manages to make us chuckle.

The Onion

The Onion Blogger: The Onion is a satirical news site that's known for its hilarious takes on current events. And their blog is just as funny, with plenty of articles that will leave you in stitches.


The Chive - BrieflyFunny

The Chive: The Chive is a site that's devoted to all things funny. From hilarious videos and photos to articles about wacky news stories, there's always something new and amusing to check out on this site.

Buzzfeed - BrieflyFunny

Buzzfeed Funny: Buzzfeed Funny is a great place to find all sorts of funny content, from listicles and quizzes to videos

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